Crepe Myrtle Leaves Are Turning Dry And Brown Without Changing Colors Before

Question From: G. Fabrizio - River Edge, New Jersey, United States
Q: I live in northern New Jersey and planted a Tonto Crepe Myrtle in September. We have days with light frost and now have some warm 80 degree days. Some of the leaves have turned brown, dried up and fell off. When do the leaves typically fall off, and do they turn a different color before they do? I'm not sure if it's over watered, under watered or just time for leaves to drop. Thanks for your input.

A: I can't advise you about this plant as it is not hardy here in Michigan. But I do know the leaves should not be turning dry and brown. The soil in the rootball should be kept moist, but not sodden. The leaves will turn color and probably drop about the same time other deciduous trees turn in your area. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy