Crepe Myrtle Trees Are Extra Sappy And Peeling With Groups Of Ladybug Like Insects

Question From: S. Hannaford - Denison, Texas, United States
Q: I have 3 beautiful pink crepe Myrtles that were my aunts crowning glory I inherited her home and of course her trees u couldn't even walk under them in 2000 I have pruned and cared for them strictly by nurture not even checking what they needed. They have flourished and grown beautifully. I noticed two days ago groupings of ladybug like insects over all three trees extra sappy lots of peeling. Well the first thing I could think of was give them a bath and get as much of those bugs off. That probably sounds stupid. I said that to myself and I am searching the Web for answers and diy cures. Can you help my trees I am a wreck with worry.

A: If they were my trees I would have them checked out by a trained tree doctor. You have a large investment in these trees, both monitory and emotional so don't continue to fret - call a certified arborist. A bad DIY guess could cost you your beloved trees. To find a qualified professional tree care company in your area call 800-733-2622 or go on-line at As to spraying the trees with water and the Lady Bugs. Your trees have aphids and the lady bugs were eating the aphids. The hard spray of water will knock off the aphids and since they can't fly they will not return. So not a bad idea. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.