Cucumber Plant Leaves Have Holes And Are Turning Yellow

Question From: Rigby, Idaho, United States
Q: I planted cucumber seeds. they are all about an inch or two tall, most of the leaves are getting little holes and turning white/yellow and looking like they are dying. I water just about every day. I have other plants and are doing just fine. I grew them last year and they did great. I put them in a different spot this year, and are not doing so well.

A: The holes are from the striped cucumber beetle. The bad news is they are a vector for disease. Once the disease attacks, the seedling are toast. Daily water is overkill. I would replant and cover the seedlings with floating row covers that will protect the seedling from the beetles. When the plants begin to flower remove the floating row covers so the pollinators can do their thing. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy