Cucumber Plants Have White Maggots

Question From: Notre-Dame, New Brunswick, Canada
Q: I planted cucumber plants in a bag of soil in my garden. cucumber is growing, some leaves are drying up and today I found tiny white maggot-like pests and ants in the soil, can this be treated. the flowers are intact and the cukes look healthty. I have animals that sniff that area of my garden.

A: The ants are not a problem. In fact they will feed on the eggs of the maggots. A product called DUNKS that contains Bacillus thurengienisis israelensis, available online and at Home Depot, can be crumbled up, sprinkled on the surface of the soil and watered in. You will have to split the top of the bag and then tape it up. Dunks are a biological control that are legal of use in Canada and are certified for organic growers in the United States. The soil in the bag may contain a type of manure that will attract animals. Hope this helps. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy