Cucumber Shoots Drying Up

Question From: T. Slawinski - MICHIGAN
Q: Hellow Nancy........ I have a cucumber problem. I have a very small garden (6 ft. X 12 ft.) where I grow some tomatoes and cumbers for the table. This year I had to stake the 5 cucumber plants on poles for the lack of space. The plans seemed to be very strong and healthy, and had many, many blossoms. However, when the cucumber shoots got to be about an inch long, they just dried up. I watered every morning and used Miracle-Gro every 10 days or so. The few cucunbers that we did harvest were just wonderful. Nancy, what am I doing wrong ?????


Watering every day is excessive and fertilizing with Miracle-Gro - a high salt index fertizer is also excessive - especialy when in heat and drought. Watering deeply twice a week is better. I fertlize with an organic slow release fertilizer and compost when I plant. A foliar feed with fish and kelp emulion when the flowers start and maybe again in mid August. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy