Cucumbers In Greenhouse Fail To Develop How To Identify Male And Female Flowers And Help Them Pollinate

Question From: B. Baker - Ryderwood, Washington, United States
Q: I have been using grow boxes in my greenhouse for cukes these last several years and this is the first time my plants have put on flowers with umbilical cords and the flower at the end. Some of the flowers have become tiny cucumbers but seem to stop growing at about 1 inch. The largest I can find measures about 2 inches and is about the thickness of a pen. What is the difference between a male flower and a female flower when it first appears?? The boxes are automatically watered. Thx for your help.

A: Female flowers have small fruit at the base and males do not. The cucumbers fail to develop if they are not pollinated. You can do the job with a small pain brush. Swirl it around in the male flower and then carefully dip it into the opening of the female flower. Have fun. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy