Cucumbers Slowly Turned Yellow And Dried Up From One Side To The Other

Question From: Ada, Michigan, United States
Q: I planted my cucumbers and they came up fine, when they started to spread out I noticed a yellowing of the leaves on the far side of the garden. Within a week the yellowing creeped up and got to all the vines and dried up. I have never had this problem before. Now all the plants are about dead.... HElp!!!

A: Your cucumber contracted a disease known as downy mildew. Now you have to wait until next year. Spraying the vines, including the undersides of leaves with a fungicide will help protect them. I use a produce called ACTINOVATE that is a beneficial bacteria that is environmentally friendly. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Q: Hi Nancy, thanks for info.... is it possible that my tomatoes have the same thing... the leaves on them did kindof the same thing. Should I be doing something to my soil to help so this wont happen again... its very frustrating! Thanks! cya...lynn

A: Lyn, Downy mildews are air borne so you can treat the soil to protect them. I would plant them in a different spot next year, but spraying with Actinovate every 7 to 10 days during the summer is the best protection. Best Nancy