Cut Flowering Almond Bush Is Growing Shoots From Base Of Cut Trunk

Q: I had a flowering almond bush. I thought it died last year. But now I see that I have "sprigs" popping up all over. They look like the leaves of the flowering almond bush. Is this possible? The main bush has been cut down to the ground. The "sprigs" are popping up 2 and 3 feet away. So now what do I do? They didn't flower this year and will admit that I cut some of them before realizing that they were the same leaves. So my question is: Do flowering almond bushes spread under the soil?

A: Your bush has suckered. Many shrubs will produce new growth if cut to the ground. If you wish to keep the shrub, fertilize it in late winter or very early spring with a good organic fertilizer such as Espoma Plant Tone at the recommended rate and keep it watered. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy