Dahlia Blooms Turn Brown From Base After A Day Or So

Question From: Travelers Rest, South Carolina, United States
Q: my daliahs bloom beautifully but after they've been in bloom for a day or so a brown discoloration starts at the base of the flowers, ruining their beauty. It isn't mildew, or mold. The leaves are fine no sign of insect damage. It's just the discoloration on all of the blooms. How can I prevent or control this? What is it? Thank you!

A: Excessive rain and/or overhead watering may be the issue. Thrips are another possibility. Carefully dissect an effected flower at the base and inspect it using a magnifying glass. Look for holes or any signs of damage. Thrips are very tiny and often overlooked. If found use an insecticide labeled for thrips. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy