Dahlia Have Been Drooping And Leaf Tips Are Turning Brown

Question From: D. V - Norcross, Georgia, United States
Q: My dahlia after a vigorous growth started drooping last week.. So i tied it to a stake.. After reading up online, i reduced the watering frequency.. It was fine but not growing anymore.. From the last 2 days, I've noticed the leaf tips have become brown.. Plz help! P. S: i had planted 2 tubers but only one has given rise to a plant.. Is the other fellow causing a problem? Shall i dig it out?

A: Your dahlia is going dormant as it should this time if year. You should dig it up and store it in a frost free area. For more tips on how to grow and care for these bulbs in Georgia, go to http://dahliasocietyofgeorgia.com/. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy