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Question From: J. Malas - MICHIGAN
Comment: Thank you for the quick response. I will try AzaMax, but looks like in 2-3 years my yard will be void of roses unless they discover something else to prevent it. Have a blessed day.


Q: Nancy, I have more than 18 roses and so far 5-6 of them, including a climber are all showing signs of rose rosette virus. The twisted branches, thorns on steroids and buds clumping together. Please tell me that there is another way to save them besides digging them out. Some of them are from Great Lakes Roses and are unique. What about cutting the dieased branch all the way back? Is there anything that will slow or stop the spread?


Unfortunately, there is no cure. You can try cutting out the infected branch - go all the way down to the base of the plant. Wash the loppers or pruners with alcohol after every cut. Bag up the branches and put them in the garbage.  They say it  can only be spread by an infected mite but why take a chance.   Problem is you run the risk of not only loosing the infected plants, but the others in your garden.  I would spray the rest of my roses with a product called AzaMax 3 times, 10 days apart.  It's available at hydroponic stores. Follow the directions. I acidify my water before using with 1 tsp vinegar per gallon of water before mixing. Be sure to hit the undersides of the leaves. If the new shoots look like they are infected,  dig out the plant being sure to remove all the roots.  Let me know how it goes. Best Nancy