Deer Are Eating Wiegela Rose Bushes

Question From: T. Levi - Hartford, Illinois, United States
Q: I have three large wine and rose wiegelia bushes, never a problem for years. This year I planted a fourth. It was fine but after a week or two I accidently broke one branch. In a day or two the bush was almost bare. The ground beneath it covered with leafs and branches scewed off. I bought a new bush, planted it in same whole, leaving the almost bare one right there,sprayed with liquid fence, surrounded with chicken wire about 2 feet high, which is slightly shorter than bush itself. Today I found one of the only two branches left on the first one chewed off. What the neck?

A: I am curious as to why you left the original shrub in the hole. Evidently the deer couldn't resist that last tender bite. I have had the best luck with the product Plantskydd. It's blood based and once dries last for several weeks. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy