Determine Why Shore Pine Is Dying

Question From: W. Strigel - WASHINGTON
Q: Hi, I have several log shore pines, 2 of which already died and the remaining may go the same way. The property is on an island off Vancouver, Canada. The ground is basically all rock except for some crevices which seem to be enough for soil and moisture for the pines to get started there. The trees are old (60 - 100+ years?). I had the property for 30 years but now the first 2 died over the last couple of years (brown needles on lower branches moving gradually higher till the whole tree is gone). Some log shore pines elsewhere on the island are doing great. I love these trees and don't want to lose them. Do you have any suggestions what to do? Many thanks, Wolfgang


Wolfgang, I recommend you have a certified arborist - a trained tree doctor,  make a onsite inspection. You can find a certified arborist at this website: There may be more than one problem and a bad guess could kill the tree. Good Luck, Nancy