Did Bayer Protect And Feed Spray Get Removed By Heavy Rain

Question From: T. Vita - Pevely, Missouri, United States
Q: I read an answer similar to my question but find it hard to believe. I applied about three gallons of Bayer Protect and Feed in various quantities, according to label instructions. This was on my hardwood trees, evergreens and shrubs over an 8 hr period. Did not check the weather forecast. Within 12 to 18 hours after application, our area was inudated with about four or so inches of rain in a period of a few hours last week. I live on high ground so no standing flood water occurred but there was a lot of run off. Did I waste about $200 in material or should I expect some benefit?

A: I can't give you a solid answer. Much depends on the type of soil you have. If it was watered in. If the soil was dry when applied, which impedes perculation. I would contact the company for more information. There is an 800 number on the container or go to their website. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy