Did Downy Mildew That Killed Impatiens Attack My Pachysandra And Sweet Woodruff

Question From: d. rhodes - MICHIGAN
Q: Like many people I lost all of my impatiens last year to Downy Mildew. Also last year all of many Sweet Woodruff died and now this Spring some of my Pachysandra looks bad. Could this also be from Downy Mildew? Anything I can do? Heartbroken over loosing my Sweet Woodruff - dont want to loose Pachysandra too.


The downy mildew that killed your impatiens did not attack those plants. Lack of moisture from the drought is more likely the culprit. Check the Pachysandra for scale - little brown bumps on the stems and leaves. If you find it, here is how you treat it. Apply horticultural spray oil, such as neem, labeled for use on euonymus scale according to label directions. Apply in late May through June. Second generation crawlers may require treatment from late July through early August. Repeat applications may be necessary. Be sure to spray the under sides of the leaves. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.