Differing Prices Varieties And Availability Of Plants - Does Price Indicate Quality

Question From: R. norton - MICHIGAN
Q: Hi Nancy The cost of flower and vegetable plants seem to vary significantly at garden centers. English Gardens for example generally have much higher prices for most varieties. Question: Do they carry a higher quality plant? Also being a west sider it also seems like the choice of garden centers is fewer than in the some of the Northern counties and that their plant variety is greater. Question: Is that an accurate assumption or my imagination? Thank you for taking time to respond.

A: Price is not necessarily an indication of quality. I shop all over and still return to my country garden centers in Lapeer County - the plants are cheaper, the selection is good and the quality is good. English Gardens does not grow their material, they have large well stocked stores in areas where the overhead is high, so their prices are higher. You are correct that we have more garden centers in Oakland and Macomb counties. Lots of building going on - the houses are huge. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy