Do Arborvitae Seed Pods Indicate A Problem

Question From: Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States
Q: If you find seed pods what do you do to save your tree? Leave section at the top and then further down on the bottom are browning in the front only. It is winter, and I recently noticed it and went out to check the plant, it was one of the healthiest ones I had. I found a few pods and picked them and threw them away. What to do? Thank you.,

A: Debbie, Seed pods are not an indication your tree is dying. They are Mother Nature's way of making more trees. Check out the tree when it leafs out in spring to see is all is well. The first thing I would do is take a couple of leaves in you your local nursery and indentify what kind of tree you have. If it shows signs of trouble have a certified arborist do an on-site inspection. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.