Does It Help To Put Left Over Tea Bags In Garden

Question From: Wheeling, West Virginia, United States
Q: does it help soil to throw left over tea bags (i buy gallon size) in garden area over the winter ....(I have mint,herbs, lavender and blueberrys it good for the soil .,....... I have small plots I put pine needles around the blueberrys over winter I read they like a acid soil (have only 4 plants) can you also send me a e-mail answer

A: Your Blueberries will love the used tea bags as they are acidic. Most herbs like alkaline soil ( tea is acidic) also a build up of organic material may cause crown rot. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Q: Thank you for answering my Mint plants like acidic or alkaline soil ? ??...... Our gardening season is over, I would have liked your help this spring.......I have a hill behind me so I don't get much my mint (which I have had a long time stays about the same meaning the plot doesn't seem to get bigger, then gets leggy at the end of the season, so for the short time....... spring till late summer I use it everyday in tea.....etc.

A: Kay, Mint is not picky. Lack of sun is probably the reason it does not run. If you want more take cuttings and root it in water. When it begins to sprout roots plant the cuttings. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Q: Are the tea bags good for mint ? (I sent the question after your first answer) (I don't get much sun so my plot has not expanded as much as it should) Thank you for answering my first question I will put the tea on the blueberrys

A: You must drink a lot of tea Kay. Mint prefers alkaline soil that is relatively fertile. If you are passionate about growing it you should have your soil tested, Google your county extension service and contact them for information on soil testing. When you send in your soil sample include how to grow mint and they will advise you what to use to amend your soil. Soils in West Virginia tend to be acidic. For mint I would compost the tea bags and use it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.