Does Sweet Woodruff Attract Or Harbor Slugs

Question From: Suffield, Connecticut, United States
Q: I'd like to introduce sweet woodruff into my south facing partial sun garden as a ground cover, but cannot abide slugs. Does this plant attract or harbor them? I just pulled out all the Purple Dragon Lamium just because of the slug problem. Don't want to repeat my mistake!

A: Sweet woodruff is said to be slug resistant and they don't seem to bother it in my shade garden. However it sounds like you have a lot of them, so I would cut the population down by using a product that contains iron phosphate. It's safe for use around animals and kids and breaks down as a soil amendment. All you do is scatter the granules on the surface of the soil. When they are gone, repeat the applications. Rain will not wash it way. Buy it under the brand names of Sluggo, Bonide Slug Magic or Natria Snail and Slug Killer Bait by Bayer. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy