Dogs May Eat Blood Based Products Like PlantSkydd

Question From: j. b. - Rochester, Michigan, United States
Q: Enjoy your articles in the Freep. Just have a comment about plantskydd. We used this last year, as instructed by the company. Unfortunately, our golden retriever dug up and ate the plantskydd. Blood products do not sit well in the stomach and cause horribly staining, black, sticky stools, as it does in humans who have a bleeding ulcer (I know being a physician). The customer service claimed this was impossible and not related to their blood product. Since then we have deer stopper spray from lowes with excellent results and no foul odors as some of the other sprays have. So buyer beware of plantskydd with dogs who may enjoy a little blood meal snack.

A: Thanks for the heads up. Dogs are always and issue when using any kind of chemical, organic and otherwise. I acknowledge the contents as blood-based for that very reason. Best Nancy.