Dogwood Tree Has Pieces Of Bark Missing

Question From: B. Barben - PENNSYLVANIA
Q: My dogwood has pieces of bark missing. What is causing it?

A: *Peeling bark* on *dogwoods* may be the result of serious disease or it could be a natural condition in some species. ... For this *reason*, the tree bark flaking on *dogwood* trees may be the result of a canker, borers, a string trimmer, or fungal disease, to name but a few. However some species such as the Kousa do so naturally. So first you want to identify what kind of tree you have. I'd take photos of it to a good garden center or nursery that sells trees to get an ID. Your county extension should also be able to help you. If indeed your tree is suffering from a canker , borers or a fungal disease, It's time to seek the help of a certified arborist. To find one in your area go to and enter your zip code. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.