Dormant Spray To Control Pests On Japanese Maples

Question From: CALIFORNIA
Q: I have applied dormant spray on my Japanese maples in previous years. I just bought Volck dormant spray and the instructions warn me not to apply this product to the Japanese maples. Will I do any harm spraying the Japanese maples? Are there negative consequences or just a waste of time and money?


I can't answer that question Joni, but I know there are label warnings regarding it's use. May damage the buds. I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the product. It is against the law to use chemicals on plants they are not labeled for. A more refined product called horticulture oil or summer oil would be my choice. Bonide manufactures an All Season Oil that would be a good choice. Make sure the tree has been well watered before applying. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.