Engleman Creeper Leaves Are Turning Brown And Falling Off

Question From: a. morrison - Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Q: We believe that we have a fungal disease on our Engleman Creeper - planted as a hedge along fence. We live in Toronto Canada. Leaves are turning brownish and falling off. We have been advised to treat in the fall with a Fungicide and Alcohol solution so as not to loose the full hedge now as it is providing a privacy screening for us. we did take a sample to a local garden centre and this was their conclusion / recommendation, The hedge is at least 4 years old and this isthe first time we have had this condition.

A: If it were my hedge I would have it inspected on-site and treated by a professional - a certified arborist. A misdiagnosis could cost you the hedge. Also pesticides are outlawed in Canada,so I am unable to recommend any products. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.