Engleman Ivy Leaves Are Curling And Turning Brown

Question From: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, United States
Q: We planted some Engleman Ivy about three years ago near our entry way, to add some beauty to a boring area. It has thrived. We live in SE Wisconsin. Last week we had a very warm spell of weather which continued into the following week. I noticed a few days ago that most of the leafs are curling or have turned brown (even the leafs near the base of the plant). The vines are limp. It is a draught tolerant plant so we seldom water (just rain). I watered it for about 45 minutes, thinking that a good drink would revive it, but it still looks very limp. Is there anything we can do to bring it back to life?

A: One the plant is damaged from drought it will take time for it to recover. Your Ivy is suffering from excessive heat as well as lack of water. Keep the soil around it moist. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy