Fall Care For Shasta Daisy Coneflower Phlox And Clematis

Question From: F. Zilinsky - Huntley, Illinois, United States
Q: I purchased a couple of new plants this past year and I am not sure as to what to do w/them. 1. Shasta Daisy...do I cut it all the way back in the spring or just leave it? 2. The same w/the coneflower....cut it or leave it. 3. Tall phlox...cut it or leave it. 4. Solidarity Clematis, heights 4 - 6' , small flowers and leaves.........cut it or leave it in the springs. Would it be better to do something in the fall with the above mentioned plants or wait till spring. Thanks for your help w/my top hat blueberry and strawberry plant.

A: The Clematis is pruned lightly in early spring before it leafs out. Cut the daisy back to basil growth, the cone flower is optional, and I cut my phlox back in fall. I recommend the book by Tracey De Sabato Aust - The Well Tended Perennial Garden. It gives you all the answers and she lives in Illinois. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy