Fertilizer For Lawn In Fall After Mulching

Question From: T. Clements - MICHIGAN
Q: Nancy, I'm getting set to fertilize my yards for the fall. I remember Mr. Ball writting about mid November to Thanksgiving as a time to do it. Leading up to fertilizing, I have been mulching leaves into my lawn and my question pertains to what my next choice of application is recommended. Do I use soybean meal (4 lbs. per 100 sq. feet) or apply an organic fertilizer such as Espoma or Ringer?


Thomas, Jeff's fertilizer of choice was Grass Magic. If you have mulched your leaves you can apply it at half strength. Soybean meal was not recommended as it lacks many of the nutrients the grass needs. You can get Grass Magic at English Garden, online at Amazon.com, or for more sources and information go to www.organimax.net/grassmagic.html. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy