Fertilizing Perennials And Evergreens And Resetting Heuchera Crowns

Question From: K. Newton - MICHIGAN
Q: What perennial garden (more shade than sun, not many 'bloomers') fertilizer, and lawn(same) fertilizer do you recommend? also for evergreens(all types, mostly big and tired)? How about Milorganite for the evergreens? Apply when spring clean-up is done in several weeks? Do heuchera crowns(necks?) have to be re-set if they get to be 1-2" long? If so, have to dig up whole plant or can just mound?


I use Organimax compost in my perennial beds and Grass Magic on my lawn. Holly Tone by Espoma works on evergreens. You may use it now - fall is best. It's best to dig and re-set the Heucheras. Add OrganiMax to the soil when planting them. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.