Finding Good Gardening Information In North Carolina

Question From: Monroe, North Carolina, United States
Q: Nancy, I have just moved from Northern New Jersey to a suburb of Charlotte, NC (Monroe, in Winding Creek). What changes should I make in my list of my gardening choices. I already miss my old garden and it's not even Spring yet. HELP! Thank you. Sincerely, Anne

A: Anne, I regret I cannot help you on this one. I live in Michigan, which is another world when it comes to gardening. If you google gardening in North Carolina you will find all kinds of information including magazines, websites, blogs and more on gardening. Google botanical gardens in Charlotte NC and up comes a wealth of public gardens in your area, Many provide classes on facets of gardens. Continue on with garden clubs of C, NC and you'll find more. Also google master gardener programs in Charlotte NC. I highly recommend you take the course. That said, if you have trouble with your beans check out Yardener .com. Happy Yardening, Nancy.