Finding Greenhouse Light Specifications

Question From: T. Ring - MICHIGAN
Q: I just put up a 6x8 green house. Right now I want to grow herbs and lettuce. I have a heater, but no lights yet. In March I want to start seeds for veggies and flowers to plant outside after last frost. Which of the T5 bulbs (A,B,C,or D) would I need for seedlings and growth after they sprout? I am in Zone 6. And what is T8 bulbs used for? Thank you very much


Terry, I do not grow in a greenhouse so am not up to speed on lighting. I use cool white and warm white florescents for my seed starting, but I do mostly tomatoes and start six before outdoor planting at the end of May. I suggest you contact the light manufacturer for specs. Hydroponic stores are also a possible source. Charley's Greenhouse is another place to go. Congrats on your greenhouse. Heat will also be an issue so you will need to do some automatic venting and get a fan. On a sunny day in February my conservatory will pump up to 100 degrees or more. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.