Flowering Plum Tree Leaves Are Curling And Turning Rust Color In Blotches

Question From: J. Lawall - Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
Q: I have a 21 year old flowering plum tree (although an arborist told me it was a cherry) the leaves are starting to have what appears like a rust on the leaves, and they are curling up and turning a rust color, it's turning rust in blotches on the leaves, with a yellowish color too. The leaves aren't dropping, they're staying on the tree. It's turned like this in just a few days time. I've never had any problems with this tree, and certainly don't want to lose it. I did apply an insecticide late spring (first time) to try and keep any insects away. My local nursery told me, it's been a hard summer for ornamental trees. I did buy a fungicide spray that attaches to my hose by Bayer, but not sure now, if I should use it. I'm just not sure what type of disease my tree has, and if I should prune now, and remove the infected leaves. I live in the Portland, OR. area. Any help you can give me, I'd be most appreciative! Thanks so much! (My tree thanks you too)

A: Applying pesticides and herbicides to trees and plants as a protective measure is a waste of time and money and may do more harm than good. If an arborist told you your tree was a cherry, I'd believe him or her. If you want to save your tree, do not try to medicate it yourself. Call a certified arborist for an onsite evaluation. Your tree could have several problems, some you can't see. Call for help today. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy.