Foliage Of Section Of Hedge That Was Replanted Is Turning White And Dropping

Question From: London, Ontario, Canada
Q: We have had a hedge for 60 years. Most of the sections are deep red/burgundy. Three years ago, a couple of sections were uprooted due to some basement sealing. This is where/when the problem started. The two sections were then replanted, and since then we've seen the whitening of the branches/loss of foliage spreading. A couple of the sections are green and fully signs of the deterioration, yet the green sections are in the middle of the red bushes. Any suggestions? I don't have a picture, but will give you my address to google if you need to see a picture of them. Thanks.

A: I would love to be able to give you a pat answer, but there is no way. You need to have a professional - a trained arborist come and look at the site. Your plants probably have several issues. Best Nancy