Food And Care For Hydrangeas

Question From: C. Mason - MICHIGAN
Q: Hello Nancy, We have Annabelle hydrangeas and I want to improve the soil and fertilize them. Have had them for several years. One of your articles says to use a slow release 10-30-10 fertilizer, but I am unable to find this. Do you have a brand name and supplier? Thank you.

A: I don't recall using a 10-30-10. My fertilizer of choice would be Espoma Holly Tone. I do not use chemical fertilizers. I layer an inch or so of good quality compost, such as Organimax over the surface of the soil, sprinkle on the Hollytone about and mix it and then cover with 3 inches of good mulch. Water the day before and then water again. Mother Nature will do the rest. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy