For Winter Protection Should Burlap Be Placed Directly Over Boxwoods Or Should It Be Used To Make A Protective Teepee

Question From: M. Handeyside - Frankenmuth, Michigan, United States
Q: After last year's terrible winter cold, we have covered our boxwoods with burlap. We've noticed that others have done the same but that they have done it teepee style or have provided more of a windbreak, leaving the top part open. We have placed the burlap resting right over the entire bush, with more of an opening at the bottom. We're having second thoughts now and wondering if we have done more harm than good. What is your opinion?

A: I've seen it done both ways. The only problem with the flat top would be excessive build up of snow - it's weight problem. I'd gently knock it off if the depth goes beyond six inches or so. Do not whack the shrubs because the branches become brittle when frozen and may crack. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.