Forsythia Bush And Daylillies Planted In Same Area Do Not Bloom

Question From: M. Rayburn - Riverview, Michigan, United States
Q: We planted a forsythia bush and a large clump to day lilies in our front flower bed. Both are healthy, as exhibited by the green growth on the leaves of the day lilies, and the greenery on the stems of the forsythia. However in both cases there are no yellow flowers evident. Is there some food we can add to the soil? Pete moss possibly, or SOMETHING?

A: Forsythia bloom in the spring, probably sometime in May in your area, so it will not show color until next year. Lack of blooms on day lilies is usually caused by immature plants or too little sun. Too much fertilizer will also retard bloom. Adding Canadian Peat moss will do nothing to nourish the plants or increase blooms. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy