Forsythia Bushes No Longer Have Blossoms

Question From: New Hartford, New York, United States
Q: I planted 6 forsythia bushes approximately 8 years ago. they have grown to be mature bushes now and up until two years ago they were absolutely beautiful in early spring with a full array of yellow blossoms. Absolutely gorgeous! Then the yellow blossoms would fade and the bush would be all green for the remainder of the summer. Last year and now this year, the yellow blossoms have disappeared. There are none. Other than that the bushes appear healthy. What is going on?

A: Could be the weather. Unseasonal frost or cold, early or late can kill the flower buds that begin to from in late summer. Here in Michigan we has record cold and many forsythia failed to blossom or just formed a few flowers at the base of the shrubs. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy