Fruit Trees And Fruit Do Not Seem Healthy

Question From: C. Taylor - Lancaster, California, United States
Q: We recently purchased a home with several fruit trees. My gut tells me that many of the trees are diseased although all bearing fruit. I am not sure of the tree ages but know that some are mature (how ever old that is) and others not mature according to the prior homeowner. My apple and peAr trees have more fruit on the ground then on the tree and every apple has a work hole or a brown bruise that is mushy. They vary in color and size. The pear tree has several dead branches in middle if tree and many fruit also have bruising or holes. My biggest concern a the trees is that even the fruits still in the trees are turning brown while on the branches. I had great success with the peaches and apricots however the trunk of those trees have some dried sap that is hard and what seems to be bark damage. The cherry tree did not have a single cherry however a to of cherry outs on the ground. I believe the cherry tree to be a mature tree as it is rather large. Plum tree seemed ok. I will take pictures and send to you. Oh, I also noticed some of the leaves have several black spots, not sure what that means but thought is include that in this email. I hope you can help. The trees are beautiful and I believe to be 5-8 years old and the mature trees upwards if 13 years old.

A: Cyndee, You need to enlist the services of a certified arborist and nurseryman and get an onsite inspection of your trees. Bad guesses by an untrained person would be very costly. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy