Fruit Trees Have Bugs And One Has A Wound With Sap Coming Out

Question From: Leechburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I planted 2 pear, 2 plum, 2 apple, 2 cherry and a peach. The bugs messed with the peach, plum, and Apple. What sort of spray will work. Will it work for all them. My new plum tree has a wound in trunk with sap coming out.

A: Andy, I recommend you pick up a copy of the Back Yard Orchardist by Stella Otto. Timing is key to spraying trees and it varies from fruit to fruit. Is your injury a true injury or a canker. Injuries should be left untreated and left to Mother Nature. Take a photo of the wound to your local nursery for an accurate Id. Bonide makes a variety of fruit tree sprays that are chemically based. Google Bonide tree fruit spray for more information. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy