Fuzzy Pink Spikes On Salvia Plants Fall Off And Plants Do Not Flower

Question From: l. lucas - Ronda, North Carolina, United States
Q: my salvia plants keep growing well, but the fuzzy pink spikes fall off and not flower. what can I do.please let me know. thankyou.

A: Salvias need lots of sun and well drained lean soil. You may be killing them with kindness, called fertilizer. Best Nancy

Comment: I have only fertilized once. my salvia plant gets the afternoon sun which where my house is, that spot receives a stronger and longer amount of sun for the day. I also noticed that the spikes bend over when it is hot. I have to water them each day when it is hot to get the spikes back up I have never had these plants before. from pictures I have seen, I would like mine to look like them. colorful and in bloom. what else is my problem. Thank you Nancy. have a good day. Linda..

Response: Salvia usually does well in hot sun. Your plants are wilting because they cannot take up enough water fast enough to keep them turgid when it's very hot. Watering will not help. Check the soil. If it is moist do not water. If it drains so fast it dries out in a day and you have sandy soil you need to amend it with compost and Canadian sphagnum peat moss so the soil will hold moisture. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy