Gardening For A Lifetime

Question From: S. Janczarek - MICHIGAN
Q: This isn't a question as it is a thank your for your column last week on older gardeners and the recommendation of that book 'Gardening for a Lifetime'. I could really relate to your column on getting older and now the garden requires too much maintenance. I ordered the book and got it Friday. I find it hard to put down. She is so telling my story. I love the book and find it hard to put down. Thanks for the info. I was going in that direction myself and resisting the urge to pull out everything and plant grass. She has great plant suggestions.


Thanks for the kind words Sue. I too and wrestling this issue, especially when my partner Jeff Ball became ill and passed away. The past three years have been difficult. It will break my

heart to have to leave my house. As one gardener put it, we are into the shrub season. Best Nancy