Gas Vs Electric Vs Battery Powered Chainsaws

Question From: Afton, Tennessee, United States
Q: I was wondering if an electric or battery chain saw was as strong as a gas one, my husband has a gas, but I thought maybe these would be easier for him...?? if I went with electric what would be the best horse power or battery

A: Gas engine powered chainsaws are by far the "strongest" and the best for those who do a lot of cutting. Stihl electrics, powered by lithium batteries are in my opinion the best on the market in that category. Choose by size and that depends on how your husband plans to use it. If he does a lot of cutting of large trees, stick with the gas engine.Condsider the "run time" for batteries. Of course, corded electric chainsaws would allow cutting for as long as needed if you don't mind managing the cord. For more information go to a store that specializes in this type of equipment, not a big box. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy