General Purpose Fertilizer For Shasta Daisy

Question From: WASHINGTON
Q: what general purpose fertilizer should I use on my Shasta Daisy? I thought I would use 16-16-16 ?


Ted, If you have good soil with 5 percent or more organic material and use an organic mulch there is no need to fertilize. However, thanks to adds on TV folks feel they have to fertilize, so a top dressing of quarter of an inch of good quality compost will make the plant happy. If your short on organic material I would use a slow release organic fertilizer. Espoma Plant Tone is a good choice. A 16 - 16- 16 synthetic chemical fertilizer will give your plant a boost on the short term, but may cost it in the long run. Chemicals do nothing to enrich the soil and feed the good guys that live there. Happy Yardening Nancy