Geranium Has Green Dots On Undersides Of Leaves

Question From: L. Taylor - COLORADO
Q: Indoor Geranium has GREEN dots on the underside of its leaves. Not yellow/brown. Leaves look normal from a distance. But when the light is behind the leaves they are transparent enough to see the dots. Other four geraniums in my bay window are fine. Thanks, Nancy. Linda

A: I think your plant has Altemaria or Curvularia leaf spot. Keeping the leaves dry and not over-watering infected leaves will keep it from spreading. A fungicide label for leaf spot that is safe to use indoors is another option. If you use a fungicide, be sure to spray the tops and bottoms of all leaves and follow the recommendations for reapplications. Separate the plant from others.

Alternaria leaf spots are similar in appearance to blisters and typically develop on the underside of the leaves. To avoid leaf spots, water your geraniums in the morning and be sure the plants are not overwatered or allowed to sit in water. Also, remove leaves affected by leaf spots to prevent it from spreading.

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