Geranium Leaves Have Dried Up Grey Brittle Areas

Question From: Syracuse, New York, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, I have a tall geranium I bought a few months ago. It's not your typical geranium, this one it taller and it seems it will grow bushier than the common geranium. It has small pink flowers that spread out from one central stem. The leaves are larger and pointer than the usual geranium and with grey spots. Hopefully, you will know what kind it is. It was doing great a little bit in from a window facing west. Now I have several leaves with dried up, grey, brittle areas. Any ideas what this might be and what I can do about it? It is something that can spread to other plants (there is another plant next to it)? Thank you so much for your advice. I love this plant, and have the perfect spot for it in the new house I'm buying, so I want it to survive. Thank you very much again.

A: Remove any diseased leaves that may be left on the plant after pruning. If the problem persists bag samples of any diseased leaves and take them to your local independent garden center for an accurate ID and recommendation for a fungicide for use indoors. The good news is the disease is plant specific and will not spread to other houseplants.

The recommended method of over wintering indoors is cutting the geranium back by 1/3 ago 1/2. Water it well and place in a sunny window out of direct sunlight. East facing would be best. Water it again when the soil feels dry to the depth of an inch. Do not fertilize it until mid March. If you lack light, place it under a grow light, Check them out at Gardener Supply.

Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy