Geranium Leaves Have Lighter Edges And Plant Is Not Growing

Question From: H. Soderberg - OREGON
Q: Hello! I bought a new hardy geranium ("Lily Lovell") about 3 weeks ago and I can't seem to make her happy. Her leaves are developing lighter edges and curling up and I'm not seeing any new growth. I've pinched off the worst affected leaves (2 or 3) and thought things were okay but now another two leaves are starting to show similar signs. She lives on a balcony receiving sun between 3:00 -8:00pm Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks ,Harriet

A: My guess is too much sun and excessive watering. Crainsbilll do best in shade to part shade gardens with moderately moist organic rich soil. Fertilizing will only make things worse. Compost added to potting soil should be sufficient,. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy