Geranium Leaves Turned Whitish And Are Wilting And Curling After Being Brought Outside Into Sun

Question From: N. Herrick - Taos, New Mexico, United States
Q: We just moved our geranium plant outside, after bringing it inside for the winter. The first day, sunny, 60's, several leaves have a whitish color on them, and some are wilting and curling. We placed it in a sunny spot, but it remained in the same pot. We placed a "sister geranium" in a sun/shade spot at the same time. It seems to be doing fine. They were both healthy inside, during the winter.

A: Your geranium got a sunburn on it's leaves. Plants that have spent the winter indoors must be hardened off. Placing them in the shade for a couple of weeks and them moving them into the sun for a couple of hours and extending that time for a week will do the job. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy