Gladiola Leaves Seem Dry And Have Rusty Red Streaks And Will Not Open

Question From: T. Stryffeler - Orrick, Missouri, United States
Q: I grow gladiolous every year with no problems. This year absolutely every flower is ruined. Every leaf has rusty red streaks and the plants come to flower but the blooms are showing but won't open. They have dry looking damage and I am lost. I did notice black bugs on the bloom stems too small to describe. Thank you.

A: Theresa, I believe your glads are suffering from a virus or gladiolus rust. Sadly there is no cure so dig the bulbs being sure to get all the roots, seal them in a plastic garbage bag and put them in the garbage. For an accurate designation of the disease send a sample to your county extension agent. 

I recommend you purchase your bulbs from another source next year and plant them in a different location. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy.