Globe Arborvitae Leaf Tips Turning Brown

Question From: J. Jacobs - PENNSYLVANIA
Q: It's December in Philadelphia area. Ground isn't frozen yet and I planted 2 small Globe Arborvitae's in my yard. Used Miracle Gro ammendment w/clay soil. Watered well, mulched well. It's been cold and these 2 small bushes sat in their 5 gall. containers for 2 month but were well watered. They have taken a brownish tint but only on the edges of the foilage. Inside is a nice green. Do you think they will establish themselves throughout the winter months if they are wall watered and not lose any foilage, assuming we get no ice or snow?


Browning on the tips of the foliage is not a good sign. Could be overwatering or under-watering. Take care to keep the soil moist but do not overwater them. Do not fertilize them for a year. Just keep the soil moist. Depending on the their condition when they were planted, they should be fine. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy.