Good Replacement For Dead Impatiens

Question From: M. Pieprzyk - MICHIGAN
Q: Earlier this year you wrote about the blight that is decimating impatiens. After watching a few of my impatiens mysteriously die last year it was nice to find out the reason why. Unfortunately, I read the article after I filled my garden with 2 flats of impatiens and over the summer I've watched every single plant die. Since planting more impatiens next year would just be throwing my money away, do you have any recommendations for plants that could replace impatiens and their shade-thriving ability? I have a semi-shady yard and impatiens have always been the perfect plant.


I am a big lover of the Begonia Big and other new varieties. I will be writing about alternatives over the coming months. Check out this week's column. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy