Gophers Are Eating Roots Of Lantana Bushes

Question From: San Diego, California, United States
Q: Our gardeners said that gophers were destroying our lantana bushes. The lantana plants are on a small plateau on the edge of the canyon. They said that gophers were eating the roots. One of the plants is growing very well. The other five are not doing well at all. I think the watering system is either not reaching them or the water runs down the hill and doesn't sink in to the ground. This article says that gophers do not like lantana. What to do?????

A: I live in Michigan and have no experience with gophers. I suggest you contact your county co-operative extension service for recommendations. Google your county cooperative extension service office for the location and contact information. If the gophers are tunneling in the root areas, the roots will lose contact with the soil and no mount of water will help the situation. The plants should be lifted, the tunnels destroyed and plants replaced. Castor oil pellets used according to package directions are usually effective. Gophers will eat roots of most plants according to what I have read. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy