Grass Has Sprouted Through And Become Attached To Burlap Used To Protect Seedlings

Question From: West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I planted grass seed 3 weeks ago and covered it with burlap. The grass is growing nicely and it's about 3 inches protruding thru the burlap. My question is how do I start to mow the grass when the burlap is still intact. I can't remove the burlap without taking the roots with it. How long. Does it take for the burlap to decompose? Thanks . Ralph

A: Ralph, I am not familiar with the product you put down. If it is common burlap you have a problem. It should have been removed when the grass began sprouting. It will take at least several months for it to decompose. Normally you begin cutting the grass at about 4 inches in height. If the area is not too large you might try using a long bladed hedge shears and cut the grass under the burlap to free it. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy